Argo AI - OMO

Ensuring all your plans and schedules are always valid, current and optimised.

Using patented intellectual property developed over the last a few years. Recognised and protected by  Australian Law.

Argo AI – Implementation Services

Argo Computing Services – listed in eServices Register – offers the Argo AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution to Australian and overseas clients. This offering, also known as OMO (Operational Management Optimisation), helps operational managers to always have valid, current and optimised schedules of the activities their work groups perform.

This offering is based on the intellectual property that we have developed over the last a few years and which is now recognised and protected by the Australian Law in a form of a certified Australian Standard Patent.

This offering is also supported by our extensive experience delivering concurrent complex information technology solutions within large corporate environments. These systems have helped the organisations to become more profitable financially, or allowed them to implement their long term strategic goals, as well as achieve better levels of compliance with governing bodies’ requirements.

Components of this offering were already tested in various industry sectors. These implementations allowed our clients to realize benefits outlined below.

  • Status Quo Analysis
  • Operational Planning and Scheduling – E2E
  • Scheduling Automation (backend, GUI, API)
  • Scheduling Optimisation (backend, GUI, API)
  • Organisational Change
  • Training
  • Agile alignment
  • Process Streamlining, Automation, Optimisation
  • Data Mining, Dashboards
  • Integration with other Systems


Argo AI – OMO is typically delivered in Fixed Price Agile fashion with a starting budget of $16,000.00.

Argo AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution

Our planning and scheduling method which helps managers to address challenges they face in their day to day work.

Waterfall or Agile Projects

Whether one is applying PMBOK, PRINCE2 or Agile project delivery approach to their project / program / portfolio management, initial development and following maintenance of effective schedules is paramount to overall success of any initiative.

Business Modelling and Genetic Algorithms

Ensuring all your plans and schedules are always updated to ensure efficient and productive teams using patented intellectual property developed over the last a few years and now recognised and protected by  Australian Law.

Scheduling is complex and resource consuming

Our implementation allows for responsiveness to changing project conditions often within relatively short time periods.


Your Project Management Partner throughout your project lifecycle