Packaged Solutions

These packages help you to select from well-defined and ‘ready to go’ offers compiled using our expertise and knowledge derived from providing consulting and custom implementation services
We are continually developing new products as well as refining existing ones, to assist our customers find the outcomes they require.

If you are would like to pick form a bundle of well-defined fixed price options we have, this set of products might be just right for you.


Facilitated workshops to assess and prioritise your business needs

  • Project Management Essentials
  • Business Projectisation
  • Service Productisation
  • Operational Planning and Scheduling
  • Operational Scheduling Optimisation
  • Project Risk Management
  • Data Collection – Structured Data Capture
  • Data Collection – Online RFx
  • Data Collection – On-line Application Forms
  • SWOT Analysis for projects and work groups

DC Portal®

Data Collection (DC) Portal uses state of the art technology to collect all data types such as forms and registrations

Project Management Portal

An essential tool to manage, operationalise and report on projects


Your Project Management Partner throughout your project lifecycle