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Argo AI – OMO Consulting

Climate change is real and it impacts our lives today. Natural disasters are more frequent and more catastrophic. Our health suffers because of reduced air qualities and hot weather. Our agriculture struggles because of droughts, our wildlife hammered by the bush fires. We know human economic activities contribute to this change significantly. Plenty of academic research makes this conclusion and we do not have a reason not to believe this is the case. If we do not act today, it might be too late tomorrow. The 2030 agenda for sustainable development has established a 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. While humanity exercises many options and ways to address the issue and reduce the amount of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, there is strong evidence that applying AI to improve human activities in different domains can reliably bring about the benefits and help us to achieve SDGs in a predictable fashion. Argo AI – OMO helps organisations to optimise their resource usage by applying AI techniques. When we adopt this method, we have a better chance to deliver on the Climate Change Plan.

Basically, you are having fun implementing AI solutions. You increase organisations’ profits by reducing their operational costs. You are saving the planet by reducing the greenhouse gases emissions.

Planning Process Improvement

  • Operational Planning & Scheduling
  • Enterprise Resources Allocation Optimisation

Project Delivery

  • Business Case Development
  • Project Startup
  • Risks Management
  • Communication Plans development and execution
  • Project Analytics and Data Visualisation
  • Project Rescue
  • E2E Project Management Services
  • Project Closure and Review

Business Improvement

  • Business Projectisation
  • Service Productisation
  • Process Sreamlinme
  • Process Automation
  • RFx Management

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