Our Consulting Services:

Have helped Australian and global organisations to implement their strategic goals, become more profitable and ensured better regulatory compliance.

Argo are

Project Management Experts

Our consulting services are built upon 20+ years of experience delivering concurrent complex digital solutions within large corporate environments, have helped the organisations to become more profitable financially, or allowed them to implement their long term strategic goals, as well as achieve better levels of compliance with governing bodies’ requirements.

It is supported by our planning and scheduling method that we have developed over the last a few years and which is now recognised and protected by the Australian Law in a form of a certified Australian Standard Patent.

Our Advantages:

• Initiatives delivered on time and on budget.
• Projects in both Agile and Waterfall methods.
• Trusted and qualified experts in your sector.
• We can offer “cost + fee”, fixed price or T&M pricing models.

Planning Process Improvement


  • Operational Planning & Scheduling
  • Operational Scheduling Optimisation;

Project Delivery

  • Project Business Case Development and Startup
  • Project Closure and Reviews
  • Project Rescue
  • Communication Plans development and execution
  • Project Analytics and Data Analysis
  • Project Management Services on T&M basis

Business Improvement

      • Business Projectisation
      • Service Productisation

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