Argo AI Operational Management Optimisation (OMO)

We ensure all your plans and schedules are always valid, current, and optimised.

 We use patented intellectual property developed over the last few years,  recognised and protected by  Australian Law.

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Industry trials

We applied the Argo AI—OMO method in several case studies, and the optimization delivered efficiency gains of between 8% and 20% of the total operational costs. The table below demonstrates these outcomes.

In 2021, we undertook a significant research and development project at Victoria University. We focused on the methods used by operational management professionals, and we meticulously identified their strengths and weaknesses. This comprehensive analysis led us to propose a new method to revolutionise how we address project management challenges.

 Central to this method is the stipulation of building a model that accurately reflects the underlying business rules of the specific problem domain. In a nutshell, this method uses hard and soft constraints to suggest optimal solutions. Hard constraints represent the “must-have” requirements, ensuring all solutions adhere to them. In contrast, soft constraints are the “nice-to-have” attributes, and while every solution may not fully satisfy them, they serve as the foundation for optimisation. We conducted this study to provide tangible outcomes and validate the method’s application in real-world scenarios.

 This research and development project culminated in creating a new operational optimisation method called “Operational Scheduling with Business Modelling and Genetic Algorithms. “

 The Argo method is now recognised and protected by Australian Law, receiving certification as an Australian Standard Patent.

Argo Planning and Scheduling

Our planning and scheduling method will help managers to address challenges they face in their day to day work

Business Modelling and Genetic Algorithms

Argo method will keep your plans/schedules valid, current and optimised using patented intellectual property recognised and protected by Australian Law.

Scheduling is complex and resource consuming

Our implementation allows for responsiveness to changing project conditions often within relatively short periods of time