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The DC Portal®—Business Process Automation (BPA) method stands out with its unique and efficient approach to managing business processes and standard operating procedures. It offers a comprehensive suite of technologies and processes, enabling seamless process definition, execution, and auditing. This significantly boosts efficiency and effectiveness in business process management, setting it apart from other methods.
The method utilises a structured data collection publishing tool to specify the business processes in the process definition phase. Each page represents a step in the process of using electronic forms. DC Portal® offers a more suitable technology solution to manage these instruments and collect data effectively, efficiently, securely and scalable. The collected data records completed business processes or standard operating procedures, creating a comprehensive and organised repository. It not only enhances data management but also improves overall business efficiency.
Implementing Argo DC Portal® workflow management capabilities is straightforward and streamlines the execution of defined processes. Automation is achieved without custom software development, minimising manual effort and ensuring adherence to established procedures. The method optimises resource allocation, including personnel, technology, and tools, to support smooth execution. This step-by-step approach provides a seamless transition to the DC Portal® BPA method, improving business operations.