Argo Artificial Intelligence

Improving Efficiencies and Saving you Money

Argo Artificial Intelligence
Since 1982 our staff and associates were actively involved in numerous scientific initiatives related to creation and maintenance of advance mathematical algorithms and computer implementation. Resources allocated to our projects possess educational qualifications (master degrees, PhD candidates, PhD). They have a proven commercial experience in the following sectors.

• Education
• Finance – Lending
• Finance – Wealth Management / Trading
• Retail

Over the number of years Argo has been operating in the Australian structured data management space the following Artificial Intelligence and advanced modelling components have been worked on:

• University Teaching System – Timetabling module
• Loan Portfolio Management System – Time Machine module
• Direct Debit Portal – Time Machine Module
• DC Portal® – Tender Automation – Scoring and Weighting

Australian business and government organisation can achieve extraordinary savings when implementing the Artificial Intelligence scheduling and optimisation solutions.
If a given entity is currently spending around $10M per annum on some resource intensive and complex servicing activities (i.e. transportation, mobile workforce, construction, teaching, software development, etc.), it would not be unusual to observe a saving of around 5%-10% of the total cost of such efforts as a result of taking the Artificial Intelligence approach in the scheduling and routing space.

This would crystallize in $500K – $1M benefits realised in the first year.

Argo can delivery such implementation a fraction of this number.

Do you currently use the Artificial Intelligence to solve you routing and scheduling problems?

• IT – Project / Programme / Portfolio Management
• Education – Timetabling
• Building & Construction – Project management
• Transport & Logistics – Transport routing and schedule optimisation
• Health – Workforce scheduling optimisation
• Finance – Investment portfolio optimisation
• Retail & Wholesale – Inventory management
• Utilities – Workforce scheduling optimisation
• Entertainment – Events management and optimisation
• Sales and Marketing – Mobile workforce scheduling optimisation

Why Argo offering is better?
1. We deliver custom configured solution for the price of ERP.
2. We are local and can provide a very responsive service.
3. As we adopt a “custom configuration” approach to our delivery, our solutions are not restricted by ERP product development constraints and the client gets exactly the set of features they need.
4. We can enhance the solution when the client needs and apply features required without being constrained by the overall product development life cycle.
5. We apply a cost based pricing model (not benefit based).
6. We do not charge licensing fee per system users / scheduled participants / scheduled transactions.
7. We can offer a POC – Full Implementation delivery method where the project does not go ahead if the POC is not successful. This method allows clients to manage the risk of spending money on the project and not getting a working solution.
8. We are an Australian owned software development house established 15 years ago.
9. We have highly qualified and experienced professionals working for us.
10. We normally employ Australian staff and host our infrastructure in Australia.