DC Portal

DC Portal® is a powerful web-based data capture and communication tool Argo Computing Services Pty Ltd developed. 

DC Portal®-Product Modules:

Survey Design:

The Survey Design module in DC Portal® allows users to create and customise surveys and questionnaires easily. Users can design engaging and interactive surveys with a user-friendly interface by selecting from various question types, formatting options, and survey flow configurations. The module provides flexibility in designing the layout, adding conditional logic, and incorporating branding elements to create visually appealing and intuitive surveys.

Survey Management:

The Survey Management module enables users to manage their surveys and questionnaires efficiently. Users can create new surveys, set launch dates, monitor response rates, and track survey progress. The module provides a centralised dashboard for easy access to survey details, status updates, and participant demographics. Users can also view real-time analytics and generate reports to gain insights into survey performance.

Survey Completions:

The Survey Completions module tracks and manages completed surveys. Users can view individual responses, analyse response patterns, and measure completion rates. The module provides features for data validation, response editing, and response exports for further analysis. Users can comprehensively understand participant feedback and monitor survey completion progress.

Survey Results:

The Survey Results module offers robust data analysis and reporting capabilities. Users can generate visual reports, analyse response data, and extract meaningful insights. The module supports various visualisation techniques, including charts, graphs, and cross-tabulations, allowing users to interpret survey data effectively. Users can uncover trends, patterns, and correlations within the collected responses to inform decision-making.

Survey Security:

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of survey data is a top priority. The Survey Security module incorporates advanced security measures to protect sensitive information. It includes data encryption, secure user authentication, role-based access control, and compliance with data protection regulations. The module ensures that survey data remains secure throughout data collection.

Survey Workflow:

The Survey Workflow module facilitates the automation and streamlining of survey processes. Users can define custom workflows, set approval stages, and configure notifications for different survey activities. The module enhances collaboration among team members, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient management of survey projects. Users can easily track the progress of surveys and manage workflow tasks.

Template Library:

The Template Library module offers a collection of pre-designed survey templates that users can utilise for their surveys. Users can choose from a variety of industry-specific templates, standardised questionnaires, and best-practice survey structures. The module provides a starting point for survey design, saving time and effort in creating surveys from scratch. Users can customise the templates to suit their specific needs.

User Management:

The User Management module enables administrators to manage user accounts and access privileges within DC Portal®. Administrators can create user profiles, assign roles and permissions, and control user access to surveys and survey data. The module ensures proper user authentication and authorisation, enhancing security and data confidentiality.

Field Validation:

The Field Validation module allows users to set validation rules and constraints for survey responses. Users can define criteria for data entry, such as required fields, data formats, and response ranges. The module helps maintain data accuracy and integrity by ensuring respondents provide valid and consistent data.


The Integration module enables seamless integration of DC Portal® with external systems and applications. Users can integrate survey data with other business systems, such as CRM platforms or data analytics tools, to streamline data management and analysis. The module supports data synchronisation, API integrations, and data export capabilities.

Forms with Payments:

The Forms with Payments module allow users to create surveys or registration forms with integrated payment options. Users can collect payments from respondents directly within the survey, enabling businesses to monetise survey participation or collect fees for event registrations. The module supports various payment gateways and ensures secure payment processing.


The Payments module facilitates secure and convenient payment processing for surveys and forms. Users can set up payment options, configure pricing structures, and track payment transactions. The module ensures data security and supports various payment methods, providing a seamless payment experience for respondents.


The Security module focuses on maintaining the overall security of the DC Portal® system. It includes robust measures to protect against unauthorised access, data breaches, and malicious activities. The module incorporates industry-standard security protocols, data encryption, secure server configurations, and regular system updates to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of survey data.

These modules collectively provide comprehensive functionalities and tools within DC Portal® to support efficient survey design, management, data collection, analysis, and security. Users can create engaging surveys, monitor progress, analyse results, ensure data integrity, and leverage integrations to enhance their survey workflows and decision-making processes.



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