Argo AI - Tax Management Optimisation

TMO is a service that supports accountants and business advisers

TMO is a resource accountant can access to expand the scope and depth of the tax planning advice

they can offer to their clients

Argo AI – TMO

Argo Computing Services offers Artificial Intelligence solutions to Australian and overseas clients. It is based on the intellectual property Argo has developed, which is now recognized and protected by Australian Law in the form of a certified  Australian Standard Patent.

Argo’s intellectual property is applied in project scheduling. Argo’s Operational Management Optimisation (OMO) solution enables operational managers to have valid, current and optimized schedules of the activities their workgroups always perform.

Argo-AI has now developed a tax management system, known as Tax Management Optimisation (TMO), for businesses operating through multiple related accounting entities.

TMO uses Artificial Intelligence to apply combinatorial analysis to the problem of minimizing overall tax liability across a group of accounting entities;

Given a set of accounting entities, tax rates, income and expenditure transactions and allocation constraints, TMO will analyze 100 variations of transaction allocations across entities. The analysis output is an Excel file containing a set of 100 taxation liability outcomes and their underlying transaction allocations, ranked in order of taxation liability.

Argo AI – Tax Management Optimisation (TMO) employs artificial intelligence implementations based on Business Modelling techniques and a patented Genetic Algorithm to undertake combinatorial analysis. A Genetic Algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm that behaves like a biological mechanism that evolves through mutation, recombination and natural selection. The algorithm operates in a Darwinian-like natural selection process by eliminating the weakest solutions. At the same time, stronger, more viable options are retained and re-evaluated in the next round of evolution.

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